Friday, June 12, 2009

Viva la Independencia!

First off, an insightful Independence Day to everyone!

This year's celebration comes at the heels of another historic, albeit, nonpatriotic, act of approving HR 1109, a euphemism for a more abhorred name, constituent assembly.

I am not a conservative nor am I am against changes per se. I am just vehemently against this move for a charter change via this constitutional assembly for a number of reasons.

I say NO to GLORIA Forever!
I can still remember her speech at no less than Rizal's monument where she pledged not to run for the presidency when her unexpected rise to power comes to an end by 2004 to help "heal the wounds to EDSA Dos". But, she must've really enjoyed being the highest official of the land, so that by election year, GMA announced her candidacy without blushing or choking on her previous words. Now, after countless attempts to change the constitution accoding to her will, the House of (IR)Reppresentatives have successfully railroaded HR 1109. Theses Con-Asses keep on saying that extending GMA's term is not even in the resolution. Well, lokohin nila ang lelang nila!

Pilipinas for Sale!
Another thing I don't like about HR 1109 is its goal of rewriting the constitution's economic provisions. Meaning, opening the Philippines to more foreign-owned companies. This is one major change as the constitution only allows Filipino owned companies to extract raw material from and purchase large tracts of land. HR 1109 seeks to do away with all these restrictions, selling the Philippines to foreigners in effect.

Arrogance is not a Virtue!
These congressmen who rode the Midnight Express are so conceited that they think they can just do anything they want. They passed this resolution a few minutes before midnight last june 2 and seeks to exclude the Senators from actual deliberations for the charter change. Porkbarrels of congressmen who approved the resolution allgedly rose by 20 Million. There goes our taxes.

Given this, I am not in the mood for celebrating the Indpendene Day for we can never be free if foreign powers still dominate our economy, if public servants continue to rob and hoodwink their masters.

The best years of our heroes lives where spent fighting for independence and democracy. Many died in battle, nameless and faceless. A few got official recognition from the government. While many others, who didn't believe in the US' benevolent assimilation, were doomed to be labeled as bandits.

Let me be one of those bandits who LIVED for their country and sought to find true independence and democracy.

Viva la Independencia! NO to Gloria Forever! NO to CHACHA!

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