Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nawawalang Bata: Please Help!

I saw this in my multiply inbox, I don't personally know them, I'm just lending a helping hand. I was told kidnapping syndicates employ various methods, and one such modus operandi is this, telling the child that their mom/dad asked them to pick her up. This happens in schools, at the mall, basically anywhere. Teach children to be wary of strangers, kids and adults alike.

I almost had a similar story last month. Good thing my daughter did not get on the elevator. The one taking her is a 10-year old girl.

This is the original message from the child's relatives:

We badly need your help. My niece has been missing since this afternoon. A stranger picked her up from school and we haven't heard anything about/from her until now. Her name is Abigail Joy Ty (nickname: Angel/Bageng). She's 10 years old and was last seen at St. Anne's Learning Academy in Meycauayan, Bulacan at around 12:30 noon. If you happen to have any information leading to Angel's whereabouts, please contact:

Benjamin Ty (her father) - 09298562037

Jessica Chua (me) - 09175310020

I'm praying for the child's safety. I hope that there's someone out there who can help Jec and the child's father. Above are her pictures.
You may also help by spreading this message/post to your friends. Thank you.

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