Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good Riddance, "Mrs. President"

I hate Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and I am

more than gald to see her vacate the

Palace that she has usurped since last

2004. BUt her exit is not without a final

act of grandiose show of self-worth -- and

treachery for the people. Just when we

thought we've heard the last of her self-

serving SONAs (State of the Nation

Address), here comes news that the

upcoming Independence DAy

celebrations will most likely be turned

into one of her SONAs, one last hurrah.

This de facto president who introduced

"holiday economics" supposedly to boost

local tourism, but which also, in effect,

diminished the sense of patriotism among

Filipinos. How? When a holiday, except

very major and traditional ones like

Semana Santa, Christmas Season, etc, falls

on any other day save for Monday, the

holiday day-off or "celebration" is moved

to the nearest MOnday to facilitate a long

weekend conducive for lakwatsa.

Nothing wrong, right? Wrong!

On the day of the holiday itself, when the

nation should be commemorating the acts

of heroism that helped pave the way for

our nascent nationhood, only a token

wreath-laying attended by a handful,

GMA and her phalanx of soldiers, both by

profession and by political affliation, is

the order of the day.

Let me cite the previous Independence

Day celebrations as examples. Last 2008,

GMA decided to forego a a big national

celebration and just instructed the local

governments to make celebrate on their

own. Last year, 2009, a mega jobs fair was

held in lieu of the June 12 celebrations.

Nothing wrong with a jobs fair per se, but

in this case, it should not have replaced a

very important national holiday. This just

goes to show that GMA is first and

foremost an economist before a country-

loving patriot.

But, lo and behold! This year, we'll be

having a very grand celebration complete

with floats and all. But sadly, instead of a

rare chance to mull over ang appreciate

our hard-earned independence from 333

years of Spanish domination, we will be

treated to a showcase of GMA's 10-point

agenda which includes:

-creation of six million jobs
-the construction of new buildings and

classrooms, plus giving away scholarships
-the decentralization of progress around

the nation through transport networks
-provision of electricity and water supply

-decongestion of Manila
-development of Subic and Clark as the

best international service and logistics

-automation of election
-just end to the peace process
-healing of EDSA wounds.

Why, oh, why, would anyone teach the

little children such lies? This seems

nothing but empty rhetoric, again, to me.

Ervyone knows the truth is quite the

opposite from the picture this GMA is

trying to paint.

This year's frivolous celebration meant to

pay homage to GMA's indecency and

moral bancruptcy is the perfect anti-thesis

to the true nationalism that June 12 stands


And then again just the last night, a live

forecast of her Farewell Address, where

she once again ticked off all her

accomplishments unashamedly.

Economic and political analysts have

given her a pasang-awa mark despite

GMA's self-rating of 10 out of 10. They

pointedly mentiones that GMA left out

some details in this last report such as the

numerous scandals (fortunately for us,

not the sex scandal-types, because that

would just be too much for my delicate

senses already worn to bits) that has

rocked her nine-year presidency.

The true measure of the economic and

political growth should and could only be

confirmed by the poorest of the poor who

continue to languish in the bottom of the


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