Friday, January 29, 2010

Foot-(in-the)-Mouth Disease

(Freudian and not-so-Freudian slips from the powers that be which made me raise my eyebrow a meter and a half high)

“We expect patients from every class and political spectrum.” (patients who can afford your world-class standards.)

-Jose F.G. Ledesma, SLMC president and CEO
On SLMC’s 2nd branch in the Global City

“They are all brand new and state of the art, but I think the charges are also state of the art.” (Excactly.)

-Noli De Castro, Vice President
On SLMC’s 2nd branch in the Global City

“In spirit and in substance, what I have done for my district cannot be denied,” (Uh-uh)

-Jules Ledesma, Congressman
On being “most notorious chronic absentee” in Congress

“It’s not about President Macapagal-Arroyo making the appointment.” (I argree, it’s about fairness and delicadeza which PGMA has nothing of.)

-Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera
On PGMA appointing CJ Puno’s successor.

“We should be thankful that Gloria Arroyo is the president, otherwise the economy would be in an even worse situation.” (Tell that to millions who are jobless and can’t even afford a decent meal save for noodles and sardines.)

Jose Salceda, Albay Gov. and Presidential adviser on economic affairs.
On the Philippine economy

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