Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joke, Joke, Joke!

Teacher: What is the capital of the Philippines?
Student: None. The Philippines has no capital because it is broke.

2010 budget: P 1.54 trillion
Projected budget deficit for 2010: ≈ P 300 billion
National Debt to local and foreign creditors: ≈ P 5 trillion

On the Campaign Trail
The national elections campaign trail is burning hot. It is littered with promises of presidential hopefuls in a bid to gain the hearts and minds, and of course the votes, of the people.
Let us hear them:
Erap who was ousted last 2001 and is guilty of plunder says: I need to steal again!
Noynoy who has launched a good vs evil campaign says: I will not steal!
Gibo who is the graft-ridden administration’s official candidate says: I don’t need to steal!
Manny who is embroiled in the C-5 double insertion accusation says: I will not steal – anymore!
But GMA has outwitted them all says:Don’t worry, you have nothing to steal anymore!

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