Friday, May 21, 2010

The Tale of the Koala Bear

Mr. Koala Bear has captured our attention these past few days. Anyone who gives a damn about the recent elections has Mr. Koala Bear’s attention. I hate to say, “I told you so” but I think that this is what this blog’s gist will be.
After the drunken stupor brought about by a very strong dose of automated elections comes the sick hangover when all you want to do is belch out the nasty stuff and regain your senses. In our country’s case, out comes the nasty stuff but with no regaining of senses in sight. People who immediately after the automated elections and a few hours into the canvassing voluntarily began eating their humble pie might now as well be choking on that. And there are those, like Prospero Pichay and PPCRV chair Henrietta De Villa, who despite glaring accoutns of cheating or “machine malfunctions”, continue to beat the broken gong of “credible and successful”elections.
True, machines can’t be cheated, De Villa said, but it can be programmed to cheat. It is still programmed by a human, after all, to do its bidding. A machine doesn’t have a mind of its own but a paid programmer does.
And here is Prospero Pichay saying that cheating was not rampant because the results were consistent with the surveys. Since when are surveys the basis of the correctness and validity of elections results, may I ask? Pichay is issuing this statement, unwittingly confirmed that cheating indeed happen, with only a slight disclaimer, that it’s not that “rampant.” Are we supposed to be assured by that?
If I remember correctly, one reason that proponents of the AES pushed for it despite the clear lack of sufficient time to prepare, is to “combat” the all too well known secret of dagdag-bawas. But in the aftermath of the highly celebrated, over-hyped automated elections, Mr. Koala Bear stepped out of the woodworks to expose the evil that is “electronic garci”.
Some quarters dismiss him as nothing but an uncomfortable bump on the road. He has, after all, chosen to come out of the television via a personal video, wearing a mask, thus the koala bear resemblance. But I cannot blame him. Knowing how hotly contested elections are in this country, it would be ill-advised to expose oneself completely to the force majeure in politics without a clear backing of a person or group that is equally powerful and persuasive.
Of course, the “mother-of-all-tapes” whistleblower, whatever was his name, died quietly just recently. The scandal that followed his exposure only slightly denting the political train run by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. What about Jun Lozada, the NBN-ZTE whistleblower? If not for the unwavering support of a religious congregation, where would he be know? Probably in self-exile abroad just to escape from the deathly talons of FG Mike Arroyo himself.
Whistleblowers, like Mr. Koala Bear, especially in politics, should always be given the benefit of the doubt. Assume that their statements are true, unless proven otherwise. It should be up to an investigating body, whether the Senate or the Lower House, or whomever given the task, to determine the truthfulness of their accounts. Considering historically, our country is a country run generally by pack of public thieves.

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