Monday, February 14, 2011

Top 10 Reasons why I'm Thankful for my Hubby: A Valentine's Special (just an entry to Pinay Mommy Online)

My hubby and I have been together for ten years already, two years as bf-gf and eight-going-on-nine years as a married couple. But it feels like we’ve only been together for awhile. The spark still there. My heart still thumps when I see him after a day’s separation. We still refer to our first booboo as a couple as if it was only last week. Our hearts have found the perfect match in each other.

How do I even begin to put into writing how much I am thankful for my hubby? I can feel my heart racing, speeding beyond the limits whenever I am overcome by love. Emotions really are very hard to quantify and capture into words, that’s why poets are genuises. For my part, as I am no poet really, I’’ll just list the top 10 reasons why I am thankful for my hubby.

TOP 10 He cooks for me. Yes, honestly, my parents would prefer his cooking over mine. He does a mean spaghetti and ginataang tilapia or hito.

TOP 9 He dresses my CS wounds uncomplainingly. I do scream at him for the slightest pain but he just shrugs it off! I am such a pussycat.

TOP 8 He shares in the household chores. Aside from cooking, he also washes our clothes, if I can’t.

TOP 7 He changes diapers and gives baths. Even in my first pregnancy, since I delivered via CS, he has been the one giving baths to both our children, and also changing their diaper.

TOP 6 He wakes up earlier in the morning to prepare our breakfast. I am so tamad to cook so early in the morning. Besides the fact that I usually wake up with a growling appetite, I feel that I have no energy to cook anymore. J

TOP 5 He holds our children if they’re up for an injection. I feel quesy around blood and needles, I need him to be brave for our children if they’re in the hospital because I can’t.

TOP 4 He lets me spread my wings. He’s not seloso so I still get to hang out with my own set of friends, provided of course that I don’t stay out too late.

TOP 3 He makes me laugh. He has such a sense of humor and sharp wit that never fails to crack me up.

TOP 2 He makes me feel safe. I sleep better if I can hear him breathing beside me. The world around us can come crashing down but I’ll still feel secure with him by my side.

TOP 1 He stimulates me, in a very good way of course. Think what you want about this part, but it’s true. He makes me feel alive! I’m sure everyone in love feels the same way towards their partners.

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