Friday, February 25, 2011

Blogging and Me

I have been keeping a diary for almost 15 years now. Maybe longer. Actually I cannot pinpoint exactly when I started, but the oldest diary in my stash is the Little Prince notebook a friend brought home from Paris. Since then I’ve written in four or five more diaries of various origins. Two diaries were personally bought at a local shop, the Papemelroti. Another one was given by a friend, when we reconnected after almost a decade. Yet another one was handmade from a cigarette ream carton and bond papers cut into size. One small notebook disintegrated when my bag fell into a pond (I keep my diaries close to my heart – always!). And the one I’m using now is also a simple notebook given by another friend when she heard about my bag-swimming incident.

leaf skeletons picked up on a mountain trail, taped to my diary

In my diaries, you can find the most mundane things. A calendar of food I ate from breakfast until dinner. A clipping of a cute dress from a newspaper. Lots of cartoons. Some personal drawings. And lots of my thoughts on so many things.

My diary was oftentimes the one that kept me sane during the most insane times -- that is, besides my husband of course,except when he’s the cause of insanity. My diary was my shelter when the whirlwind of life has taken me with great abandon.

Which leads me to blogging. Blogging is in a way like keeping a diary, only it is often open for everyone to see. I’ve treated it with more caution. I’m more careful with my words, more guarded with my opinion in my blogs. But otherwise I’ve taken to blogging like diary-writing, the keeper of my thoughts and opinions.

But in blogging, since I cannot keep on ranting uselessly just to vent out my most violent reactions on anything, I’ve focused on giving a more objective and constructive opinion and criticism. I do have different blogs for different niches but the one thing that ties them all is the effort to share my views, my struggles, and the dream to somehow affect my readers to think and act differently than they normally would, as dictated or expected by society. Please understand that I am under no impression that my blog per se will change the world. It will not. Although I do hope it does shake it up a bit.

But I don’t play the devil’s advocate just for my audience or my readers. I do it too for myself. To challenge my knowledge. To test my understanding and logic. To see if the what is legal is moral, or vice versa. Basically, like my trustee diary, to keep the voices in my head organized and in line.

And earning a few bucks along the way is nice too. Admittedly, I cannot foresee this happening in my personal diary, not unless a movie outfit offers to buy my life story and use my diaries as one of their references. That's a long shot, I know. Forgive me for dreaming.

Actually, that’s one of my goals for 2011. I am envisioning a more financially rewarding blogging experience. And how? By keeping my blogs relevant of course. Yes, I do promise not to post nonsensical blog posts only meant to draw heavy traffic in and nothing more. People are not stupid to not see a flake when they face one.

I started blogging mainly about my views on the Philippine society as a mom. I do not pretend to know everything, but I do try to offer an explanation why things have to be such and such. I also blog about giveaways and freebies on the internet and off it. I believe that the best things in life are free --happiness and peace of mind – but it also includes some designer clothes, an ad spot, and some cash. :D These days I am experiencing motherhood all over again. And I am want to share with everyone how I’m doing now.

I am blogging about my life, my views, my passion, my pet-peeves, my struggles and triumphs. And I will keep on doing it and focus on keeping my posts relevant, as I’ve said. Not only to make blogging pay for my expenses, but also to encourage others to share their lives with me, at least, by commenting on my posts. That way they’ll realize that their opinions matter too. That no one has a corner in ultmiate knowledge and that they too can share what little (or much) they do know about.

Blogging does make me feel that. That I matter as a person, especially when people comment on my posts, or when I google my blog (Guilty!) and see that it appears almost on top of the list. I want others to feel it too. By blogging, they let someone into their life. Bloggers cease to be mere specks of dust in the vast universe. Insignificant. Unknown to anyone.

But this is not to equate a blog with a life. Although bloggers feel alive when they hit the post button and see lots of comments on their posts. My bottomline is, to keep things alive, to make my blog financially rewarding, to keep my blog relevant, my ultimate blogging goal is that I have to LIVE LIFE. Because only by living my real life will my virtual self be interesting. ExtraBLOGanza Contest

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  1. Totally agree. We have to distinguish what is online world and real world. Maybe they are both rewarding but what matters most is still the real one.

    Good luck to the contest :-)

  2. thanks! sometimes I think people spend too much time online that they virtually have no life at all. which is sad....

  3. I have the same sentiment, I have entered the world of being a fulltime mom from being a career woman. Besides being a good mother I would like to do something that is of relevance . . . to be a blogger, that is, to write about my passions. However, my personal life should be something I should still keep in private

  4. @giay, I love how said you'd still keep your private life private. I agree. There are somethings just not meant to be broadcasted into the blogosphere.

    but please, share your experiences as a mom too. and a career woman. I would love to hear about them. :)

  5. Same here! I blog because I want to share my experience to others.

  6. yup, blogging is really like being on a different world.

    new place - new kind of people.

    but in summary, we are all want to co-exist with each other.

    and yes, i blog to share my contribution to this online world too!

    -Nhoel of

  7. Very interesting. I joined the contest too: Here's my entry.
    New Blogger Strategies and Goals. Goodluck to everyone!

  8. Simply put, blogging is sharing. I got a blog too and it is really rewarding every time I'm receiving thank-you-notes for the information I shared on my posts.
    Just like you, I also started writing personal diaries before. I do it so that I can examine my thoughts later - but in blogging, a total stranger can examine my thoughts without prejudice. And I can say that that's the beauty of blogging. So let's blog on!!
    More power to your blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Have a great day always!

  9. Yep, blogging has the primary perk of getting to share your thoughts with others. Regardless of the fact that sometimes you have to filter what you have to say,still you get the opportunity to express yourself. So keep it up!

    Marizen Villamora

  10. Goodluck to the contest and more power to all bloggers!!!

  11. I joined in. thanks for sharing, sis


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