Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I want for Christmas......

Christmas remains by far the most celebrated holiday of all time. Although its roots are pagan and Jesus' actual birthday is debatable, which I'll leave to the experts, Christmas is thoroughly and joyfully celebrated.

To my memory, I have never had a Christmas I didn't enjoy. It is so much fun than birthdays. Perhaps because everyone is in a happy mood, and everywhere you go to is all dolled-up. Christmas serves as our oasis in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, it is an escape. Traditionally, enmities between political rivals halt momentarily. Issues that hogged the headlines year-long winds down. And the mood changes from combative to loving.

Except maybe this year.

As 2009 takes its last breath, we are left in the ruins of a Strong Republic gone very, very, very bad. This last quarter alone has left us with little hope for the future. And this is where Christmas plays its historical role of giving hope amidst hopelessness.

I am not so jaded as to not have my own wishlist to send to Santa.

Now, all I want for Christmas is....

.....that the Philippine economy recover faster than a speeding bullet or a ray of light so that it may help Filipinos lead better lives here, not abroad. The Greater Depression of the first world has depressed us even more.

.....My family has only been recovering from the great flood that is Ondoy. I know how hard it is start over again and I wish that the victims of natural disasters, especially Ondoy and Pepeng, find peace and hope in their hearts, while striving to make the government accountable for their very grave mistakes.

.....The Copenhagen Climate Change Forum touted as the culmination of at least two years worth of effort to curb gas emissions has just ended with a mere pfffft as the US remain bullish on its stand not to monitor its gas emissions. I wish that people realize Climate Change is irreversible and a fact of nature, but that it can be slowed down by holding accountable the industrialized (read: imperialist) countries that emit the most toxic fumes

......I am abhorred by the crime/s that this powerful clan can/will do and has done all because it has enjoyed the close ties with that woman in Malacanang. I wish that the Ampatuans squeal like a pig roating in a pyre on the vote-rigging that happened in their hometown last two elections and for once, be at the right and moral side of the fence, and take that *%$#@!@#$%^&%$&* woman down with them!

.....Inline with this I wish that the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre find justice and gain support from the government in pursuing the case against its primary perpetrator.

..... I just hate hearing, even seeing, Remonde and Fajardo on the radio and TV, knowing that they're goona be spewing out nothing but rubbish. So I wish that the Palace SpokesPEOPLE's noses grow one meter for each lie they tell the people.

.... After the infamous Proclamation 1959 that served as a test case and was pulled out even before the check and balance part of a democracy set kick in, has sent both Houses into disarray, one asking for a legitimate explanation for it and the other doing the explaining In times to come, I wish that the Senate remain oppositionist and that Congress, especially Prospero Nograles, be able to look farther than their own noses and hides in making policies and political stands on national issues.

.... The Supreme Court has approved the petition for an ectended voter's registration to heed the call of the electorate but Comelec Chairman Melo seems to be doing everything in his power to make this exercise annoying and futile. I hate him. I wish that the Comelec will not be an instrument by the state itself to disenfranchise its constituents all for the glory of the status quo

.... Due precisely to the efforts of the state itself to render the electoral exercise as futile as possible, floating various scenarios like No-el, hybrid elections etc., that people should realize the importance of their votes as part of a democratic exercise and fight to be counted, to fight for a change.

and lastly,

.... Nine years is enough, more than half of it is even a contested, if not illegal, stay in power, it is because of this that I wish GMA grows some delicadeza this holiday season and in the spirit of giving, give everyone piece of mind and bow out of the public eye for once and for all. Plus, she should also be indicted for every crime she has tried to evade during her de-facto presidency.

I think I have said enough. Santa must be impatient to read other people's letters.

Oh, one last wish... I wish for world peace. : )

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