Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The cat is out of the bag: GMA running for Congress


That is for whoever wins the presidency next year. Any president who gets elected next year cannot and should not relax one bit if GMA wins a seat in Congress (which in all probability might happen.) He might eventually face an ouster from a GMA-led Congress if and when the ChaCha trains gains speed once again.

Lest we forget, GMA is an ravid (rabid + avid) fan of Charter Change. For one, an amended constitution would make the Philippines more viable to foreign investors, selling it piecemeal or wholesale, as it would relax the provisions on foreign ownership of companies and land in the country. For two, this would ensure her unlimited stay in power. Either her term as president gets extended or she gets a seat in Congress, be the House Speaker and eventually the Prime Minister. this leads us to reason number three, as president or Prime Minister, she will remain immune to criminal charges that have been hounding her for as long as she had been President.

For almost a year, GMA has been ducking questions about her plans after her term as president ends next year. Speculations started to buzz when trips to her hometown in Pampanga become more frequent. Then came the news that a mansion was being there in preparation for her candidacy. Her lawyer Romulo Macalintal
almost preempted the news when he granted an interview with the media quoting him saying that the president didn't particularly tell him she plans on running for Congress, merely asked if it is allowed by election laws. All the law says is a prohibition for presidents to run for a second term as president. So there! When this was cleared up, the "GMA for Congress campaign" became more aggressive. People supposedly from Pampanga continuously trooped to the Malacanang Palace to ask her to be their representative. Her son, Rep. Mikey Arroyo, who was also the subject of unexplained wealth controversy early this year, even went so far as pledging that he will step down and nor run for reelection if his mother would grant the people's clamor. The drama ended early this morning with a statement that the President's CoC will be filed by 9 am today.

Assuming that GMA will win her bid for the Congress, she has a very big chance of being elected as the House Speaker, with the representatives being virtually under a single party, Lakas-Kampi-CMD. I have to admit that GMA has been very wily and resilient, surviving political upheavals and military threats with a widespread division of spoils. Realizing that she could not run for the Presidency (and after her immunity) without people attacking her for it, she opted for Plan B, thereby achieving the same goal via a different route.

Just look at who their party is fielding for the top posts, a virtual nobody and a tv host! If this doesn't smack of desparation, if not an ulterior motive, I don't know what will. Gilbert Teodoro, a Department of National Defense secretary, has yet to prove his political mettle. Why, he even failed the test when the twin disasters struck despite his tv ad about disaster preparedness. We have no guarantee that he will not be a pushover, letting a GMA-led Congress make all the calls.

Honestly, I think this election would essentially be a protest election. A protest against everything GMA stood for, incompetence, greed, partial politics, iron-fisted disclipine on assumed dissidents. GMA doesn't really stand a chance on winning the presidency even if she managed to have the CHACHA passed. People have had enough of her and those who still believe in democracy will use their power to vote to keep her off the highest seat in the country. Although local politics have a different dynamism, I think it would be hard for her to HONESTLY win this seat as most victims of her Oplan Bantay Laya 2 (OBL2) are from Central Luzon and they would surely campaign against this fire-breathing bitch.

This is for GMA and her cohorts who think that they can fool the people into thinking that public service is all she really is after.They really should think again.

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