Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tsk, tsk, No Grand Lotto Winner Yet

I was up pretty early today. And I just couldn't resist going online and checking if any of the million aspirants of the Grand Lotto 543M prize bagged it. Unfortunately, no one has. Sad.

For anyone who would care to know, the winning combination is 18-17-36-04-40-13. Check your tickets now, getting 3 main numbers mean you win 150 pesos, right?

I guess this means that next draw, the lines will be much longer. Here's a list of tips on HOW TO SURVIVE THE GRAND LOTTO SNAKING LINES.

1. Place your bet THE DAY AFTER the draw when no one has won. Lines are surely shorter. Most are still reeling from news that they haven't won.

2. Choose the time of the day when people are most inactive, LUNCHBREAKS. These are the siesta hours and Filipinos are hot-wired to slow down at these hours because of the heat. But make sure that your Lotto outlet is open during Lunchbreaks or you'll just waste your time.

3. If you can't place your bet early enough and is actually addicted to the long queues, taking this as "all part of the lotto experience", then you should come prepared. You are going to war!
- Go with someone. If nature calls and you need to pee, you'll have someone stand in line for you. Or you can always wear an adult diaper.

- Bring that umbrella/walking stick cum foldable chair. Yes, it's your papang or mamang's priced possession but surely they'll understand that you're borrowing it for the greater good of mankind.

- Arm your self with snacks. Who knows how long till you get to the end of the line? You don't want to go hungry and then be unable to mark your numbers when it's your turn no, do you?

- Lastly, guard your numbers with your life. Don't let anyone copy-off from your lotto ticket. If you get the winning combination, you'd prefer to be the sole winner of the millions of course!

Now, my disclaimer, please, please people, don't forget that this is all just a game. Someone very powerful out there is just messing with our heads.

By the way, the next draw will be tomorrow.

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