Monday, November 29, 2010

Why we need to restore 1M of our forests

As I am writing this blog, I have already banished any hope of receiving any 'Like' for it. There just isn't time. But I still want to join this blog contest on the 11th hour because I believe in its relevance.

Why do we need to restore 1Million Hectares of Our Forest?

I can cite a million reasons for it but let me focus on just one that I think tops everything else. We need to restore one million hectares of forest land so that we can sleep soundly at night and never have to worry that one great flashflood or mudslide might sweep us off our feet literally.

More trees would mean less flooding. They could soak up all the excess rainwater and therefore floods would be at a minimum and not as devastating as the great floods that have inundated cities and towns in the Philippines these last few years.

More trees would also mean that landslides can be avoided. The roots will be a natural barrier against landslides because the soil would be not be as loose as hell.

Recovering a million hectares could very well mean our survival. This means a gigantic effort is expected from you, me and everyone else if we all want to live for another 10 to 50 years in relative peace of mind. This also means that we have to pressure the government to do more and support the effort of private individuals who rage against the environmental aggression and push for more environmentally-sound policies, which would include reviewing the mining code, which wrecks havoc to our environment, among others.

To restore a million hectares of forest cover is one great task. And it all starts in a radical change of heart and an relenting spirit to keep to forge on. By being unselfish and going out of our comfort zone to fight of our lives, we are actually being selfish because we are ultimately thinking of the survival of our race, species. Now that's a funny thought. Who ever thought that being selfish wouldn't be bad at all?! :D

Let's all be selfish and restore 1M of our forests!

For more pro-environment advocacies, visit Pinoy Holistic Healthcare, Haribon Foundation and ClubTravelNOW!

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