Monday, December 6, 2010

ZEST AIR Nightmare: My ticket to Php10,000!!!!

I have never flown Zest Air. In fact, I’ve never flown anything at all. I’m a flying virgin. All my travelling have been monotonously confined to city and provincial buses. It is a joy to be able to go to new places and experience new sounds but travelling , by air, sea or land, has its ups and downs.

And I can just imagine what hell it must be for someone to be hassled and then made to pay for it! Batang Yagit shared a horrible customer experience as a patron of Zest Air. And it elicited a number of reactions from his readers who can empathize with him one way or another.

In a hypothetical situation that Zest Air would reschedule my flight, which turn out to be non-existent when I availed it, and then had the guts to penalize me for not showing up for it, how would I react to it?

I am not normally a violent and confrontational person, but all this pregnancy hormones get the better of me at this point in time. When I get angry, I shake all over. My voice breaks in high-pitched tone. My hand shakes. Blood rushes to my ears and my face is red all over. I simply cannot hide being angry. And this kind of situation would undeniably fall into that category when I turn into a monster.

Firstly, being the customer whose rescheduled flight was non-existent, I would immediately file a complaint by calling the office up, or better yet, emailing them about it so that I’ll have a record of it. There’s nothing like a complaint in black and white.

If I get a call that is not addressing my grievance like they should be and instead is asking me to pay the penalty for not showing up to my non-existent flight, I would ask for the supervisor or manager in charge of rescheduling the flight. If the business is done online, with email exchanges, I will print out copies of it and slap it to their faces!

It wasn’t my fault in the first place that my flight was resheduled. It was they who resheduled it. In fact, they should be held accountable for that alone. What if I had something important already scheduled for that day, following my original flight schedule. And secondly, if there were no Zest Air schedules on the date tof my rescheduled flight, that’s not my fault either. I SHOULD be the one penalizing them for inconveniencing me!

If however they continue to press the matter of penalty, I would not press charges against them, but I will file a complaint in a DTI or any agency that covers their business. I don’t have the time nor the resources to battle them in court, but I will launch my fight in a whole new arena – the cyberspace.

Any self-respecting business knows the power of the word-of-mouth. I will tell all my friends about this horrible experience and will ask them to help spread the word to their friends and their friends’ friends and so on. Nothing will be more damaging to their business than a dent in reputation. So hypothetically speaking I will bring Zest Air to its knees without resorting to a lengthy and expensive court battle! Bwahahaha!

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