Thursday, May 7, 2009

Defensor goes on the Defensive

I read somewhere that Mike Defensor recently became the laughing stock (again) of Philippine Politics because of the Jun Lozada fiasco. There has been talk that Defensor is once again playing the part of a pawn in the political game. Him pursuing the Jun Lozada perjury case has people wondering if he has learned his lesson at all. Remember the Hello Garci tape that he preemptorily said is fake, but was refuted by the same agency who he said found it fake? And now this.

Defensor has been down this road before, he has charged Lozada with perjury before, and the Judge threw it out. The brave one who risked his career for standing up to his beliefs is Judge Emmanuel Jorge Lorredo and this is his statement.

Judge Lorredo Order 4 May 09 Judge Lorredo Order 4 May 09 mlq3 Judge Emmanuel Jorge Lorredo refuses former cabinet man Michael Defensor's request to arraign Jun Lozada for perjury. Lloredo had originally thrown out the case entirely but was overruled by a superior court. This remarkable document is a rare example of a judge venting his spleen, and is perhaps an effort to get himself recused from the case.

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