Monday, May 4, 2009

Indestructible Pacquiao eyes to Pakyaw it all

Once again, Manny Pacquiao conquered the ring and sent his foe off to dreamland. In a very quick and lethal show of skill, Manny stopped Hatton in his tracks as early as the second round. Hatton's brawl style boxing, of which he is extremely proud of, proved no match to Pacquiao's nimble feet and lightning quick punches.

Yesterday, as in any day Pacquiao has a match, the streets were empty and everyone is glued to their tv sets. Even the Armed Forces of the Philippines announced an unofficial ceasefire to give way to the match. However, Pacquiao's victory claimed three other lives other than Hatton's career. Three elderly men were reported to have suffered from heart attack as the Pambansang Kamao wrapped up his fight and made the killer punch.

After Hatton, Philippine boxing analysts are claiming that Pacquiao is unstoppable. Manny, as he is fondly called, has brought Dela Hoya on his knees. And now, Hatton, the British
Boxing Star succumbed to his powerful Left straight. More ever, his next fight is highly anticipated, spurring on talks of who the next brave fighter will be. Will it be Mayweather Jr. or Marquez? The answer, neither.

Pacquiao's next most anticipated fight will not be in the MGM Grand canvas ring. It will happen in the political arena. The day prior to his fight, Pacquiao was interviewed on CNN's Talk Asia. There, on international television, he made known his intention of running "only for congress."

No one escaped his change of residence, especially his kababayans. From General Santos City, his hometown, he was introduced as coming from Saranggani Province. This, apparently, in preparation for his congressional ambition and to prevent a repeat of beating he suffered last 2004 from Rep. Darlene Custodio who won by a landslide.

Personally, I would prefer if Paquiao doesn't pursue his political ambitions. He said he wanted to "help especially his kababayans" and running for office, under the administration ticket, is one way to do so. Actually, if he really wants to, he can extend his help to his kababayans even if he's not their elected representative. Pacquiao, I'm afraid is the only a positive image booster of this administrataion. He has been used to decorate the halls of the powers that be and to refresh the foul image of the president,her family and her entire administration. Or has he not seen through its flimsy cover?

His desire to help his fellow Filipinos is admirable, but I'm afraid with Pacquiao's penchant for gambling and his expensive tastes, he would only be one more hand in the People's cookie jar.

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