Friday, May 8, 2009

Stop the Violent Cycle

Tomorrow is Domestic Violence Awareness Day in Bloggers Unite. Domestic Violence, like rape, is a crime suffered by women in silence. Mainly because of the social stigma and condonation that comes with domestic violence, wives often choose to keep quiet and tolerate the beatings, slappings and who knows what else. Society plays a large role in molding this very passive way of thinking.

In a predominantly Catholic society, women are taught to be docile to their husbands and families. Women were raised to be subservient and be tolerant of sufferring, as "any man or woman joined in holy matrimony", man should not, cannot separate. Annulments, divorce and /or legal separations are frowned upon in Filipino society, with the woman bearing the brunt of the stigma.

Also, as women are discouraged from taking up work and relegate her life looking after her children, wives often times have a limited income and is financially dependent on ther husbands. With no income to support her of her children, women think twice, or thrice, before liberating themselves from the bonds of a violent, if not loveless, marriage.

Women have a choice to a better, more fulfilling life. Let us love ourselves, stop the vicious cycle and find redemption in liberation.
Republic Act (R.A.) 9262: Law for the Protection of Women and Children Republic Act (R.A.) 9262: Law for the Protection of Women and Children raj-point r.a. 9262, mar8, 2008. special law for the protection of women and children.

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