Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guerilla-Style Romance

Romance in our marriage now, has to be carried out guerilla style, away from the watchful and very inquisitive eyes of out daughter who guards every hug and kiss my husband and I exchange.

During the very rare occasions that our daughter chooses to spend the night or the weekend over at her grandparent’s house, we grab the oppurtunity to have a date. Last time, we had homemade tacos for dinner, watched a date movie and spent the night discovering new things about each other. Sometimes, a sensual massage offers good introduction to more delightful evenings.

However, during “normal” days, we sneak in a kiss, a hug or a shower together. Massages are almost none existent , except for a quick and innocent back rub or head and shoulder massage. A kilitian-session almost always happens before bedtime. At nighttime, with our daughter wedged between us, we keep our toes touching. We have also devised a secret language so we can talk about things a child is not supposed to hear. We still do date movies, which however are limited to general patronage ones, usually a light romantic comedy, or an outright comedy.

More importantly, we converse before going to bed. We talk about things, even mundane ones, that happened over the day. We still talk about our dreams and plans for the future.Also, my husband’s wit and humor is so to-the-dot, it hurts my stomach laughing. Communication and laughter remains our main and best stimulator.

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